Community Resources

For training resources please visit the Speacial Olympics eLearning website:

This website offers the below courses:
Community Treasurer Training Course
Volunteer Coordinator Training Course
Community Council Training
Conference Convenor Training Course
Provincial Sports Convenor Training
Database Training
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Coach Development Model Coach Development Model 
Athlete Development Model Athlete Development Model 
Athlete Code of Conduct Athlete Code of Conduct 
Coach Code of Conduct Coach Code of Conduct 
Special Olympics Canada Orientation - Video Special Olympics Canada Orientation 
SOC Database Training - Video SOC Database Training - Video 
Community Treasurer Training - Video Community Treasurer Training - Video 
Sport Convenor Training - Video Sport Convenor Training - Video 
Accident/Incident Form Accident/Incident Form 
Spectator Code of Conduct Spectator Code of Conduct 
Coaching Athletes with Intellectual Disabilities - Guide Coaching Athletes with Intellectual Disabilities - Guide 
Volunteer Registration Form Volunteer Registration Form 
Athlete Registration Form Athlete Registration Form 
Nutrition Guide for Coaches Nutrition Guide for Coaches 
Quick Reference Coaching Guide Quick Reference Coaching Guide 
Voting on Sport Rule Changes Voting on Sport Rule Changes 
GMS Support Website GMS Support Website 
How to Host a Competition How to Host a Competition 
SOO 2020 SOO 2020 
Score Sheets Score Sheets 
Fundraising 101 Fundraising 101 
Provincial News Updates Provincial News Updates 
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